About Us

About Us

GroNova is the leading Interim & Transformation Management provider in Switzerland. Since 1998, we have been supporting our industrial clients to improve their profitable growth and to implement best practices. Our managers-on-demand are experts in leading transformation projects across all functions.

Case Study - Present Equipment Manufacturer

A couple years ago, a Swiss based, but worldwide present equipment manufacturer acquired a family-owned manufacturer with a complementing product range in Italy. The new owner held the acquisition as a financial asset as long as the financial targets were achieved, and did not replace the Italian family management in order to proceed with continuity.
When the Italian manufacturer could not recover the market which it had lost during the EURO crisis, the Owner Company decided to assign GroNova with a special fact-finding mission. It became obvious that the Italian company could not survive on a stand-alone base and had to be integrated into the worldwide group. For this purpose, they asked for an Italian native executive for the transition period, in order to replace all family members in the Italian subsidiary as well as to implement and comply with the corporate standards and directives. In addition, this WIL executive had to represent the company at court.
Andreas Suter

Managing Director

Andreas Suter

Date founded: 1998

No. of employees: 15

Andreas Suter has a doctoral degree in nuclear engineering from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. He gained his first professional experience as a consultant and project manager with McKinsey & Company, in Zurich and Berlin. Later, he served as BU Head and CEO of several medium-sized companies. Since 2008, Andreas is owner of GroNova which has recently merged with a leading German provider Management Angels (also a WIL Group member), together forming MAGNALIA AG. He still supports clients in organizational transition programs in person.

As Chairman of the AIMP (the German Association of Interim Management Providers), Andreas is a key player in the development of interim management in the German-speaking countries.

Bundesplatz 12,
CH-6300 Zug/Switzerland
Talent pool 2013: 2,500
Areas of differentation:
Transformation and innovation management focused on industrial companies