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With an unrivalled pool of senior Interim Managers and a decade’s experience of working in China, X-PM can help its clients to thrive in one of the world’s biggest and most important markets.

X-PM covers the Greater China area, as well as South Korea and Mongolia, through its presence in Beijing, Hong Kong and Shanghai.
It has a unique pool of 1,600 managers, including 1,000 from China, 500 from the west and 100 from across Asia.

As well as Interim Management offers the alternative to place young Chinese executives in permanent positions giving its international clients access to a large range of crucial local competences.

We offer the full range of X-PM services, including:
– The supply of senior managers to help set up a new company or to improve an existing firm’s operations.
– Advising western companies on how to integrate their Chinese acquisitions.

Case Study - Novacap

X-PM supported French chemicals company Novacap after it bought a majority stake in a private Chinese firm.

For nine months, it provided an executive with excellent knowledge of Chinese and French business practices to help build confidence between the two partners.

The consultant put in place some western procedures to improve the company’s efficiency, while convincing Novacap to retain some Chinese methods that made sense in the local business environment.
Aldo Salvador

Managing Director

Aldo Salvador

Date founded: Jan 2005

No. of employees: 10

X-PM China has been managed from the beginning by two executives with exceptional international experience, gained largely in Asia.

Aldo Salvador spent 35 years with the French chemicals group Rhône-Poulenc. He was the company’s president in China, South Korea and Italy and vice president in the United States.

For more than five years, Salvador was president of the French Chamber of Commerce in China. A qualified chemical engineer, he has a Master’s degree in economics and a PhD in management.

Jean-Michel Piveteau worked for many years as a senior executive for BNP Paribas in the Middle East and Asia. He has worked in the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Taiwan, India, Thailand and China.

He still works as a senior adviser with BNP Paribas and is president of the China section of the French Trade Ministry Advisers. He has a Master’s degree in law and a PhD in management.

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Talent pool 2013: 1600