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Nexus has delivered high class skills to Danish businesses since 2000 and is today the leading provider of Interim Management in Denmark.

Nexus provides the temporary, highly qualified skills that give businesses and organizations the boost they urgently find themselves in need of. It may be to execute a strategic change, implement a tactical project or maintain continuity at the sudden absence of a key employee.

Nexus makes sure that the 7000 profiles in our database may continually offer their skills to the companies with a current need. We develop our services in accordance with the increasing need for temporary boosts in resources in companies and public institutions.

We ensure that Danish businesses maintain their momentum through constant changes.

Interim Management is a lasting solution.

Case Study - Nexus Interim Management

A Danish cleantech company was in urgent need of a new General Manager in Croatia. A subsidiary was bleeding based on poor performance from the previous General Manager. Critical employees, were leaving the company to go to its competitors. Therefore, an urgent solution was required. The position required close contact to government office. Consequently a local interim manager was preferred. The right candidate was successfully found together with WIL Group member Russam, who supplied a local Croatian interim manager, with the right management and technical competences for the position. The interim general manager immediately took control of the situation and started to reintroduce motivation in the organization and normalize the business.
Göran Johansson

Göran Johansson

Date founded: 2000

No. of employees: 6

Göran Johansson established Nexus Interim Management A/S in 2000 as the first professional interim service provider in Denmark. Today Göran possesses the most in-depth knowledge of interim management in Denmark.

Göran also has a close network of international interim service providers and may thus provide interim management on an international level.

Before Nexus, Göran was CEO of Nestlé Denmark and SmithKline Beecham (now GSK).

Göran thus possesses a solid foundation for understanding complex commercial issues and holds extensive management experience from major professional, international manufacturing companies.

Kompagnistræde 13, 3,
DK 1208
Talent pool 2013: 7200
Areas of differentation:
Quality control, customer service, efficient processes, largest database in Denmark