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In 2006, X-PM India pioneered the concept of Interim Management in India by deploying European managers to work on projects for European clients in India.

Its unrivalled talent pool of Interim Managers includes around 100 senior Indian executives who are former CEOs, COOs, CFOs, as well as heads of IT, HR, marketing and sales with experience of many industry sectors.

The company supplies foreign executives for short term assignments in India and has recently started to send Indian executives to manage projects overseas.

In 2011, X-PM India set up an organisation in India to develop and manage a local talent pool and develop clients among India’s rapidly growing local companies, as they sought to become more internationally competitive and enter new markets.

Over the past few years, X-PM India has worked on a wide variety of performance improvement and business turnaround projects for companies in India and overseas.

  • Performance improvement project at  a major multinational’s facility in Hyderabad (South India)
  • Performance improvement project for a large Indian steel company in Mumbai
  • Turnaround of a steel company in Nagpur (Central India)
  • Turnaround of an electrical infrastructure project in Saudi Arabia
  • Evaluation of acquisition options in Bangalore for a mid-sized European IT services company.
  • Implementation of a market entry strategy for a US software company
  • Product launch for an Indian software company in Calcutta
  • Implementation of a compliance system for a major pharmaceutical company in Mumbai.

Case Study

In 2008, X-PM helped to improve the performance of a purchasing department at an electrical engineering company.

X-PM’s timely intervention at the company’s subsystem and signalling division helped it to optimise the purchasing department’s operations. It had previously been unable to guarantee the supply of components and subsystems on time due to its sequential development, manufacturing and installation process.

Also, there wasn’t a process in place for selecting the best suppliers ahead of requirements or for negotiating in a "clean and controlled" manner.

X-PM’s manager initiated joint meetings with the research and development team to anticipate new projects and assigned a purchasing manager for each task. He ensured that all aspects were taken into account before requirements were submitted to pre-selected suppliers. After four months, the organisation incorporated these changes into their standard procedures.
Ranjit Shastri

Managing Director

Ranjit Shastri

Date founded: 06/06/2011

No. of employees: 2

Ranjit Shastri is one of India’s leading management consultants, with over 25 years of experience as a management consultant, entrepreneur, board director and investor.

Mr. Shastri is a co-founder of, and major investor in two IT-enabled service companies, SmartAnalyst Inc., a venture-backed decision support firm serving major life science companies; and Design Presentation Associates Inc., a provider of CAD drafting services for the global architectural, engineering and construction industry.

He also served as a member of the board of Vickers Systems India Ltd., an engineering and automotive subsidiary of Eaton Corporation (NYSE: ETN) for several years. He currently serves on the boards of SmartAnalyst, Inc. and Design Presentation Associates Inc.. Mr. Shastri has an MBA in finance from the Wharton School, and a B.Sc. in applied mathematics from Yale University.  He continues to work closely with Yale in expanding its engagement with India.

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