About Us

About Us

Mandaat was established in 2000, and has become a leading Interim Management provider. We aim to be practical, personal and focused on solutions and results. Assignments are being accomplished national as well as international. The objective is to provide managerial support to ensure our clients successful business implementations.

For this purpose we provide the following services:

Management – Deploying the best professionals for the tasks at hand.

Business Support – Coaching and advising organizations in challenging times.

Flexpats – Expatriating experienced Dutch Interim Managers to foreign subsidiaries of Dutch based companies.

Our strong Dutch network enables us to continuously select a team of leading and high performing professionals, each with his/her own specific functional and industry related background. The Mandaat executives Diederik van den Biggelaar, Jeroen Nuesink and Janco Duvekot are former experienced Interim Managers themselves and independent business entrepreneurs. “In our view, a personal approach is a must. We know what responsibility and accountability means, we know the pressure a business can be facing, which is why we understand and sense what type of specialist the client needs.”  Noteworthy; Mandaat is the recommended firm among Banks in Holland as it comes to recovery and restructuring of companies in distress.

Case Study - Mandaat

Being a Dutch interim management firm, Mandaat needs an international scope to service its cross border operating clients. Our talent pool contains internationally experienced interim managers. They are multilingual and cultural sensitive, must have competencies in the international business arena.
Mandaat was able to successfully execute assignments in various parts of the world like, China, Afrika, Russia, Latin America and many European countries among which, Italy, Spain, Romania and Germany with Dutch managers. There is a tendency however that companies prefer a local professional over a (Fl)expat. To serve this need as an agency it is necessary to be part of a high performing international network. The WIL Group has constituted exactly this kind of a platform.
Mandaat serviced X-PM France, on their request, with Dutch candidates to be deployed in the Netherlands by a subsidiary of a leading French company. Our Belgium partner BCV requested a Dutch (fmcg) marketer for an American client based in Brussels. BCV on their part sourced an unique Czech Republic productionsite manager for Mandaat.
The above are just a few examples on how a specialized professional international network like the WIL group can provide unique solutions to your international business challenges.
Diederik van den Biggelaar

Managing Director

Diederik van den Biggelaar

Date founded: 2000

No. of employees: 5

Diederik studied economics at the university of Amsterdam and followed several INSEAD senior management courses.

He groomed his entrepreneurial mindset early on during his student days, whilst being the co-founder of the student discotheque Dansen bij Jansen and several restaurants. This was followed by an international career as a Heineken manager for many years, which started off in the on-premise market and was concluded as Export Director Europe and Japan.

After Heineken his career path continued as a Group Director at Samas, CEO at De Boer Structures, Director/Owner of Perfecta, Co-founder of iKi Bier and Partner at Custom Management.


Bergseweg 28 F,
3633 AK Vreeland
The Netherlands

Phone No.
+31 (0)88-6263228


Talent pool 2013: 3000
Areas of differentation:
Flexpats; Recovery, restructuring, turnaround; Business support; Post merger integration; Greenfield operations; Transition Management.