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Established in France in 2001, X-PM is a leading player in Transition Management services in Europe and is on its way to attaining similar status worldwide.

Our business is to provide management solutions to speed up the implementation of our clients’ projects in the areas of performance improvement, turnarounds, mergers & acquisitions, disposals and new business lines, international development and recruitment.

X-PM’s French office is located in the heart of Paris just a stone’s throw from the Opéra Garnier and Louvre museum. X-PM France is run by founder and CEO Patrick Laredo.

X-PM France has a vast pool of experienced Transition Managers, most of whom have expertise either in General Management, Finance, Restructuring, Information Systems, or Human Resources, having worked at senior level in industry and service companies.

All strive to uphold X-PM’s core values in terms of results, team spirit and entrepreneurship.

Case Study - X-PM Paris

X-PM Paris has recently worked with a large multinational company headquartered in France and operating worldwide. The company had an important factory in Scandinavia that suffered from low efficiency and a bad delivery rate. The division management considered this to be a critical issue, which was affecting the quality of the business.

The division VP contacted X-PM Paris and requested a program to deliver drastic improvements in quality at the factory.

X-PM Paris together with its Sweden partner proposed a joint approach to resolve this issue. While Scandinavia assigned a seasoned Swedish speaking executive to the job, Paris kept control of the restructuring plan. This resulted in a 30% rise in quality indicators after just six months.

Patrick Laredo

Managing Director

Patrick Laredo

Date founded: 2001

No. of employees: 20

Patrick Laredo began his career in industry working for Philips, before moving into consulting at KPMG Peat Marwick, where he became a partner in 1984 and CEO in 1994. During that time, he helped drive KPMG’s international expansion in the industrial sector and was a member of a European business research organisation called, The Conference Board.

After selling the French subsidiary of KPMG Peat Marwick to American consulting firm CSC in 1998, he subsequently managed the integration of the companies’ professional services businesses in France.

Patrick Laredo holds a degree in civil engineering from the prestigious Ecole des Mines and a PhD from John Hopkins University in Baltimore.

9 rue de l’Echelle
75001, Paris

Phone No.
+33 (0)1 53 45 85 65



Talent pool 2013: 1100
Areas of differentation:
Partner Involvement:

1 Job = 1 Partner + 1 or several managers

Industry Specialisation:

Aerospace - Defence, Heavy and Process Industries
Automotive, Private Equity, Healthcare
Distribution, Banking - Insurance

Function Specialisation:

General Management, Human Resources, Purchasing - Supply Chain, Finance, Restructuring, Information Systems, Infrastructural Program Management, Project Management, Manufacturing.