WELCOME to 2017. Last year was a significant one for the WIL Group, bringing in new members from Australia, Hong Kong, Sweden, The Netherlands and Switzerland – expanding our reach and creating more cross-border opportunities.

In the two years since our inception we have achieved so much, now standing at 17 members and operating across 27 countries. This gives us undoubtedly the largest breadth in terms of our coverage, and access to a vast talent pool of executives.

We are incredibly well structured as a group, with specialised task forces, regular meetings and events. And our members are enthusiastic – often promoting WIL Group over their own local events, and working closely together.

There are tremendous opportunities for growth. I firmly believe that the global market for executive interim is rapidly growing – more than any of us had imagined. We live in an unpredictable world, and are witnessing huge economic, digital and geopolitical shifts. Together these factors are driving transformation at an unprecedented pace.

Permanent employment is giving way to interim and project work, as organisations – on a global level – seek more flexible resourcing. Executive interim has become a norm in many markets.

In the more mature markets where it is fast becoming a commodity, with fading margins WIL Group members can differentiate themselves and add real value to their clients handling transformation projects and providing and implementing faster solutions. Our resources are unique and vast.

I’d argue that the time has come for us to show real passion for client situations and to propose solutions – even before we are called upon.

2017 is the year to be ambitious, to grow locally and globally. We have everything in place to do the best possible job, and working together we can really add value.

I look forward to seeing many of you in Shanghai.

Patrick Laredo

Chairman, WIL Group